Automated Actual Support Resistance A2SR

A. What is A2SR?

A2SR has a special technique in determining the levels of Support (demand) and Resistance (supply).
Unlike the ordinary way that we seen on the net, A2SR has a original concept for determining SR levels.
The original technique was not taken from the internet, and it has never been published on the internet either.
A2SR will auto select the SR level according to your trading style.
Even though you are changing the time frame but the SR level will remain on its position.
Because the actual SR is not obtained from the time frame you use.

A2SR has complete instruments for trading needs.

1.Actual Support and Resistance.
2.Market Sentiment.
3.Current Trend today, including a suggestion for placing positions.
4.Auto level trend lines for SR, Breakout and Breakdown.
5.Daily price jump and fall in average and maximum range (news events).
6.Average and maximum price jump/fall at time frame H4 (news events).
7.Overbought and Oversold, displayed at the same time for scale H1, H4, Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

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B. Why we prefer to use A2SR?

1.SR levels here are an actual level, and not obtained from the time frame as usual.
2.It is leading indicator, the SR levels are available before price reach there, and it is not repaint and not lagging either.
3.A2SR have been designed for creating trade plan for any currency pairs, metals, stocks, and for all symbol in MetaTrader 4.
4.Basics of using A2SR are also available in user’s guide in .pdf file, and you will get further training from the author as necessary.
5.Usually, people could run A2SR properly within few days only, because it is user friendly after you read the user’s guide document.
6.You will no longer need in busy drawing on the chart, because A2SR help you to work automatically and all instruments are completed.
7.A2SR will help you to select which SR for Short-Term or Swing trades.
8.Finally, you will have plenty of time to review the market, including market sentiment and creating trades plan.

C. Basic guide for A2SR usage.

SR is a line level that displays a price.
Levels above current price is Resistance.
Levels below current price is Support.

In the User’s Guide document will be described more detail about:

C.1. Short-term or scalp trades: non news.
C.2. Short-term trades: news event.
C.3. Swing, trades only at strong SR.
C.4. Trade on Breakout.
C.5. Trade on Breakdown.
C.6. Trade on OB/OS H4, Daily, Weekly and Monthly.
C.7. Trade on a combination of the conditions described above.

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D. Input Parameters

Suffix Currency Pair – If your currency pair has a suffix, e.g EURUSDm, enter with m. Leave it blank if your pair currency has no suffix. Default is blank.
SR Style – Enter 1 for Swing, 2 or else for Short-Term. Default is 2.
Display Actual SR – Display actual SR according to trading style Short-term or Swing. Default is true.
Color level 1 – Default is clrDarkSlateGray.
Color level 2 – Default is clrDarkViolet.
Color level 3 – Default is clrBrown.
Display Trend – Show you trend today and suggestion for placing position. Default is true.
Display Jump/Fall (H4, Daily, Weekly) – Default is true.
Color H4 Jump/Fall – Default is clrFireBrick.
Color Daily Jump/Fall – Default is clrForestGreen.
Color Weekly Moves – Default is clrBlue.
Display OB/OS – Default is true.
Display trendline SR and Break – Default is true.
Color Trendline – Default is clrDarkSlateGray.
Display Early Sign Breakout/down – Default is true.
Display text early sign break – Default is false.
Color D.S/R – Default is clrTeal.
Color W.S/R – Default is clrChocolate.
Display USD/EUR Index – Default is true.
Margin left for IDX position – Default is 600 px.
Margin bottom for IDX position – Default is 75 px.