Frequently Asked Questions


You can start any of your capital, eg 0.01 lots on $ 100 capital that works for 20 pairs, or 0.03 lots on capital $ 500, 0.08 lot at $ 1K, and so on, up to example lot size and capital run on signal at


We are an experienced trader since 2003, which has good ability on MT4 and MT5 metaquote query language programming. Of all the trading methods in foreign exchange, we have applied the most appropriate steps to our EA


It depends on how fast the market moves. Because the breakout technique will hold back until the sideways session is over. And there is a special feature to prevent as good as possible false break. Please read more on the.


At the same time before among other positions is completed, usually between 2-5 positions.


It depends on your capital. In real trade at, you can calculate proportionally to get a good lot size according to your initial capital.


No! We have been using this unique trading software only for our personal trading. And this is the first time we are making it available to anyone.


Yes. ROBOT uses several indicators and a never-seen-before inbuilt strategy to make profitable trades with near 50% to 70% it depends on your lots.

We have extensively tested the software before we released it into the market. But The results above are the performance and trading history we got after running the software in our own real trading account.


We cannot give you an estimate since we are not going to be directly involved in your trading. However, some users of FOREX ROBOT have reported profits of over 75% to 85% per month so far.


Once we confirm your payment, we will ask for your MT4 account number which will register into our system and you issue license via email along with instructions on how to use the EA.


Absolutely yes. This software is so easy to use that if you can point and click the mouse while following simple instructions, you can make huge profits with it.


First of all, we are not selling the software to make money. The reason is that we want to help you and at the same time take a revenge on Forex brokers we lost all our money to when we were new to Forex.

Secondly, it doesn’t matter how many traders are using our software; it won’t affect the results and the profits we will be making as we trade with it.